Coffee Agricultural Service Manager

Wouter De Smet

Promotion 2000

After graduating, I worked in Belgium for one and a half year in the milk sector for SGS, but kept an eye out for a job abroad, preferably something to do with coffee. In 2002 I got my first chance to work in the Kagera region, Tanzania for the Belgian NGO IVA (later TRIAS), as an advisor for two local farmers associations.

When, three years later, I got the chance to work with coffee farmers for Nestle China, I took it with both hands. Since 2005 I have been living in Pu’er (Yunnan Province-China), where I divide my time between managing the Coffee Agricultural Service/Buying Station/Experimental & Demonstration farm and training/technical assistance to the farmers in the field.

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J’ai suivi la formation de Bachelier en Agronomie, finalité Agronomie des régions chaudes.